Summertime Thing Review

Summertime Thing

  1. Love You Better: The melodic slow jam, Love You Better, is a love ballad with a fusion of R&B and Hip Hop. Its laid back tone and light beat establishes an impassioned sense in the listener.
  2. Maserati: Maserati is a Hip Hop banger showcasing Chase‚Äôs dedication and devotion to the art of creating musical masterpieces. His ambitious demeanor creates a motivational tone that leaves the listener feeling unstoppable.   
  3. Summertime Thing: Creating a warm atmosphere, Summertime Thing is a jam to cruise with, or even set the mood. This refreshing tune has a deep and passionate aura while still holding a chill and sexy vibe underneath it all.
  4. Way She Moan: Way She Moan is about Chase being in another dimension when he is with his lover. While being slow and sensual, he is flaunting his devotion to their love while worshiping her body.
  5. The Feeling: In this upbeat mix of old and new, The Feeling is Chase revealing his indifference with his former love. Her regrets lead her a yearning to come back. However, Chase has moved to another chapter of his life.
  6. Motions: Chase is just going through the Motions with this heavy-hitting mix of Trap and R&B with a surprising twist at the end to display his softer side. Chase is done with fake people around him and he is just along for the ride of life.