New Mixtape "Money X Time" Out Now!

After Months of preparation for this new project the time is finally here that Chase Heinze releases his third project in the last 13 months. Money X Time is definately an implication that Chase is getting better with every verse, every hook, and more notably every project, The project features songs that represent the state of mind that reflects a man during the come up. with songs like "Smokin' & Drinkin'" Chase shares with his listeners about the way he tends to deal with his stress of managing a family, fulltime job, and the journey of pursuing his dreams, it also shows that he is very open about not being perfect in that he turns to smoking and drinking to deal with the pressure. other notable songs on the project are records like "Worth It" also along the lines of is dealing with everything he is dealing with even worth all the trouble?? well obviously it is because he released the project and is continuing the pursuit, but the record again brings you into his world and his thoughts. Chase also ventures off a bit and shows some versatility on this project with tracks like "On" a strip club joint about an encounter with a stripper that he has had on multiple occasions, enough times that he was inspired to make a song about her. With records like "Lost" Chase goes on a rant about how someone or something has got him lost inside of their love, rumor has it the song was written talking to music as if it was a woman he encountered, expressing how music has got him "Lost". Another record on the album titled "Poison" is a deep record with a catchy melody repeating Poison, Poison, Poison, indicating that the industry is like Poison, in the sense that it requires sacrifice, separation, struggle, and dedication, often times leads to poor health, bad decisions and a weak state of mind. On the last track titled "Know Me" Chase gets deep talking about personal issues he has among his family and with people who simply do not know him, so he created a track to let people in on certain topics to help people better understand who he is and what type of man he is, and if that didn't help you to know him then you better "pay attention when he's talking to you". Overall Money X Time is a stepping stone for Chase to prove to people that he is not going anywhere and he is going to continue to improve and grow into one of the artists that people talk about on the regular, his journey started when he was 17 and he is almost 27 now so after 10 long years of maturing and growing he is definately not looking to slow down anytime soon. Be on the look out for more projects droppin this year, also be on the lookout for visuals dropping for the Money X Time project very soon!

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